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Source: catalogue Knoll

| Designbest editorial staff


n this open-plan living room, the keyword is: fusion. And this is what we have: two-tone task chairs borrowed from the corporate world, a lived-in leather sofa and a soft ecru carpet which sets off small coffee tables in glass and steel, which in turn become stands for ethnic-inspired sculptures. And not much else is needed for a total look: floor-to-ceiling glazing for natural light and a sleek lamp, completely in tune with the overall feel of this room.


Three pieces one style

Task chair.

Aesthetics borrowed from office furniture. However, this one has two-tone upholstery, pops of colour and an elongated backrest. A perfect alternative to a conventional armchair.

Crystal coffee tables.

Minimal pieces available in two different sizes, they add a distinguished vibe to the whole scheme and a touch of modernity, which takes years off an old leather sofa.

Sculptural lamp.

One in a corner is all you need to complete the look, also perfect for mood lighting. Go for a dramatic silhouette.

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