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Focus, suspended fireplace Ergofocus 

| Designbest editorial staff


n open-plan space between sky and water, masked only by a floor-to-ceiling glass façade; this is the ideal haven to be at one with nature. Be it summer or winter, a vintage chaise-longue is the right piece to sink-in and enjoy breathtaking view. What’s more, you can warm up the ambience with a fireplace placed right in the centre of the room: this is a sculptural piece, which gives a touch of style even when it’s turned off. However, It’s bright flames invite you for a most intimate and discrete idleness: underneath the starry sky during your most sizzling summer nights, in front of an autumnal sunset or even during the gloomiest winter evenings. Once again, nature designs a new relaxing environment.


Our must-haves

A suspended fireplace.

Fireplaces have always had undisputed charm, but for a contemporary interior such as this, you need to have an evocative scenic design, ultra modern and over the top.

An iconic chaise longue.

Certainly, those in the know will have recognised this piece at once. The rest of you just need to know that with this single piece you can transform any cosy corner into an ideal hiding place, as long as it’s a classy iconic piece, just like this one.


Our style notes

A glass facade.

A clear box, which opens up entirely. Of course, you have to be surrounded by the right landscape, but, in any case, this is a great idea to give to any space the welcoming warmth of natural light, wherever you are.

Timber and concrete.

When these two materials are combined they have the same of spontaneity: this is the perfect answer if you want to reconnect with the surrounding landscape. As always, style is paramount.


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