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Désirée, sofa Lovely Day

| Designbest editorial staff


ecorated in black-and-white, the epitome of elegance, our living room has crisp lines and a cosmopolitan feel. A stone fireplace runs the entire length of the feature wall, while two sofas in pure-white are placed at either side, the perfect spot for enjoying some time-off. The overall colour palette is defined by contrasting shades: the colour black evokes a sense of warmth, while a soft bright cloud stands for relaxation. This is how a conventional living room becomes a snapshot of contemporary life.

Three pieces one style

Modular sofas.

The backrest is constructed using cushions that can either be moved around or used as self-supporting pieces; this brilliant idea combines absolute comfort with dynamic elegance.

Marble coffee table.

A rounded silhouette in black with white veining, simple yet full of character. An absolute key player. 


The epitome of timeless elegance, black-and-white never goes out of style. Extremely modern when combined with clean-cut silhouettes. 




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