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Casalgrande Padana, collection Limpha - Coral Rose

| Designbest editorial staff


ith a living room immersed in nature, it’s easy to forget winter as well as instantly recharge your batteries. It’s all down to this original, feature wall clad in porcelain stoneware tiles. In fact, additionally to reproduce a lush cascade of foliage, it includes air purification technology that removes bacteria and toxins. To complete the scheme? Seats and other types of furniture draw from outdoor-style to create a welcoming feel: an oversized sofa with a curved backrest beside several footstools and coffee tables in wicker and a throne-like armchair with its curved silhouette, created a cosy snug. Everything you need for a room that promotes your wellbeing, all day long.

Style details

A climbing plant.

This tile series in porcelain stoneware transforms any wall into a natural landscape and thanks to its special technology, it purifies your home air. For instant wellbeing. 

A throne-like armchair.

Slender although imposing, this armchair with an elongated backrest, creates the perfect snug. 

Footstools/ coffee tables.

Choose small details that recall the tribal style and outdoor life. So the living room instantly acquires a more "fresh" and natural air.

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