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Palazzetti, fireplace Iki Square

| Designbest editorial staff


n oversized fireplace, inspired by a traditional stove, takes centre stage in our living room. Modern, simple yet majestic, our new wood-burner has a strikingly contemporary aesthetic and look pretty as a picture when mounted on the wall. Here, the roaring fire and the snug form the main attraction, the latter, set-up as a tiny arena, is the ideal viewing spot. Sofas, coffee tables, carpets and lamps in fact, enjoy the winter landscape, whereas the mood becomes more intimate. 

Style details

A wood burner.

Geometric, contemporary and monolithic. The must-have fireplace has an integrated wood burner. 

Coffee tables.

Three, in different sizes, are placed side by side in the middle of the living room or scattered here and there, depending on our preference.

A maxi-lamp.

Discreet yet spectacular (as long as it has an arched silhouette), a modern take on a traditional table lamp. 


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