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Lema, Cloud Sofa - design Francesco Rota

| Designbest editorial staff


wall-to-wall bookcase and an oversized sofa: they solely transform a standard living room into a relaxing space. A neutral colour palette combined to a simple silhouette transform your living room into a informal, convivial space with a sophisticated aesthetic, softened by comfy accessories: cushions with a printed pattern, several books scattered on the floor and a long-pile carpet. What’s more, an iconic lamp in a gilded finish adds the final touch, creating a timeless elegant scheme.

Style details

A wall-to-wall bookcase.

A grid with open shelving. Here, the books take centre stage and create additional warmth. 

An iconic lamp.

A designer piece such as this (winner of the Compasso d’Oro award in 1979)  add a timeless, elegant touch to your living room. 

Low coffee tables.

A pair with a glossy top: standard coffee tables are transformed into trendy pieces. 

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