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Palazzetti, wood stove Oscar

| Designbest editorial staff


space to chill in total peace and quiet should be a must in every home. Because it’s the perfect refuge after a long day’s work, a space to wind down in total idleness. And not much else is needed: a spare corner with armchair (perhaps stolen from the porch) and wood burner does the trick. Really, what else would you need for leafing through a magazine, enjoying a hot cup of tea or just taking a break? And if you go for a vintage-inspired wood burner in cast iron, the mood will instantly be warmer and more welcoming. Plus, make a window seat and hang some mementoes on the walls. Let the dream commence!                                                            

Three pieces one style

Wood burner.

Inspired by old cast iron stoves, but fitted with cutting edge technology. A timeless classic, which instantly sets the right tone.

Outdoor armchair.

Instead of a conventional wicker armchair, go for this one in colourful cast iron, undeniably fresh and current. Perfect for your vintage-inspired scheme.

Window seat.

Mismatched cushions are perfect. And you could also fashion one using a small bench.

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