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Magis, sofa Brut - design Konstantin Grcic

| Designbest editorial staff


he sofa is stripped of unnecessary frills and sets the style of our new contemporary living room. Crisp and clean, it goes for the brightest and jewel-like shade of shade of green to create an elegant feel, fit for the modern-day dandy. The sofa takes centre stage in a living room decorated with crisp pieces of furniture and a clean décor, in which a stack of logs becomes a decorative piece. So, this living room is the epitome of sophisticated relaxation.

Style details

The sofa/ bench.

Although in a bright colour, this simple structure adds a sassy touch to your living room.


The maxi lamp.

An oversized version of the traditional beside lamp, subtle yet with character.

The wooden coffee table.

A thick wooden top and streamlined metal legs: industrial styles creates necessary warmth.

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