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Désirée, sofa Easton - design Matteo Thun & Antonio Rodriguez

| Designbest editorial staff


legant, proud and confidents, a freestanding sofa in burgundy-red is at the height of contemporary elegance. Geometric and understated, it’s soft and welcoming too thanks to its deep seating and oversized cushions that additionally enhance the backrest. An actual island, it focuses on style and complements an armchair with a soft silhouette and grey upholstery. The space has an overall sophisticated feel and the pure-white coffee tables that are the new room’s new light points, follow that orderly and refined mood that leaves no space for frills and smudges. This living room in impeccable taste doesn’t compromise on style.

Style details

A deep sofa.

Deep seats and oversized cushions: this sofa resembles a large chaise-longue, perfect for relax.

ph: sofa Easton by Désirée

The "egg" armchair.

It contrasts the streamlined and geometric silhouette and the sofa as well as softening the overall aesthetic, creating a more welcoming space.

ph: armchair Avì by Désirée

Coffee tables in several sizes.

The exact shape, Same shape, but different details: the coffee tables with a golden metal base play are available in different sizes and the tops are available in different colours. It confers movement to your space, a stylish touch.

ph: small table Arlon by Désirée

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