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Gervasoni, Nuvola armchair - design Paola Navone

| Designbest editorial staff


wo soft and monolithic armchairs are the perfect solution for giving the living room an enveloping allure that feels like an embrace. Square and round at the same time, the large armchairs, in a relaxing shade of sage, are emblematic of comfort. Plus, the wooden tables and sleek and slim lamps give off a vaguely exotic atmosphere which instantly provides a sense of peace. And with two overlaid rugs in delicate colors, the stylish design becomes an ode to meditative comfort and absolute calm.


Style details

The wooden low tables.

Rustic and vaguely ethnic, these low tables in natural wood warm up the room and the longer legs provide a chic allure.

The sleek lamps.

As if from a fine and lightly made pen stroke, they are perfect for giving a modern touch to the space.

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