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source: Muuto
Muuto Connect Modular sofa designed by Anderssen & Voll.
Muuto Pull Lighting designed by the design studio Whatswhat
Muuto Reflect Wooden sideboard designed by Danish designer Søren Rose.
source: Muuto
| Designbest editorial staff


ur minimal living room is inspired by the warm and essential feel of Scandinavian countries: soft, welcoming and tidy. Wooden furniture, painted in pastel tones is placed alongside home accessories, rich in detail. With its soft and welcoming design, the sofa is the centre piece of the room and it is seems to be inviting us for tea, to be served on two tray-style coffee tables. The general feel is one of cosiness and pleasing calm. And then there's the light which warms up the space and embraces everything in a truly relaxed and comfy way. 

Our must-haves

Chubby bookshelf. Handy timber-framed open shelving. Here's some furniture with a truly Nordic flavour: simple and refined.


Round coffee table. One is in unvarnished wood, the other one in white lacquer. One is enough, but they are just perfect to be paired up together – and they instantly add a touch of relaxed functionality.


Sofa in wood and fabric. It has to be large, with wide seats for a comfortable setting. Above all, keep it simple and forget about frills and ornament: free yourself to relaxing.

Our style notes

Natural colour scheme. Beige, off-white, lilac… you can pair them up them with splats of contrasting colours (yellow for example) and a lot of white to light up the space.


Wood. From flooring to furniture, from accessories to picture frames, wood is the common thread of Nordic design. Consider using light tones.


Geometric design. Natural and simple are our key words. Clean and calming lines.
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