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source: Molteni&C

| Designbest editorial staff


n our new spacious living room everything seems out of scale: floor-to-ceiling windows, which fill the room with lots of natural light; a bookcase which runs the entire length of the wall, an intellectual’s paradise and large sofas with deep seats, perfect for a cosy corner without bounds. The finished look is achieved by adding round coffee tables, placed close to the sofas, which double-up as trays for tea, coffee and nibbles. This open plan layout promotes total freedom, yet the streamlined silhouettes of the pieces sets the tone for the overall decor. The cultured tone of this room is pleasantly soothing.

Three pieces one style

Corner sofas.

Even if space is at a premium, a corner sofa is generally a good idea. It adds that relaxing feeling we love so much. 

Coffee-table / trays.

Next to a sofa, better if with revolving tops, perfect for serving snacks or working with your pc.

Wall-to-wall bookcase.

Floor-to-ceiling makes the most of any available space. However, be careful: make sure it doesn’t look too heavy, better if you leave a couple of empty shelves.

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