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Pedrali, Log Sofa

| Designbest editorial staff


n the living room, our cosy corner focuses on the colour sage green, sophisticated and soothing, that contaminates the sofa and the footstool too. Granite grey is used as the complementary colour, it goes on furniture and accessories, whereas red berries on the side table the oversized wreath add a Christmassy touch. This is all you could possibly need to spend your winter afternoons in total comfort, waiting for Christmas: the overall style is refined, the light is soft and soothing. Christmas presents are the only thing missing, to be opened snuggled up in a warm tartan blanket and grouped together in front of the fireplace (firewood at the ready).

Three pieces one style

Sage green.

It’s a sophisticated and delicate shade, and has recently come back on trend. It adds a velvety feel to the whole room, and doesn’t age.

Mini sofa.

A soft and cocoon-like silhouette, upholstered in paste tones: this is what a modern two-seater looks like.

Adjustable lights.

Go for tiny simple lights that you can place on walls and shelves: perfect for a cocoon-like space.



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