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Viva, sliding doors Bellagio

| Designbest editorial staff


pacious, chic and full of light: the latest living room décor has a timeless style with accents in black-and-white, the perfect combination for a contemporary aesthetic. Above all, this scheme focuses on convivial sophistication, relying on dramatic stage doors and breathtaking views over the landscape. Centre stage, floor-to-ceiling sliding doors with a sharp silhouette, add character to the space with a simple aesthetic. On the contrary, the furniture opts for a softer, ergonomic line, perfect for a refined feel that perfectly combines geometric pieces, traditional silhouettes and dramatic accessories (such as a pendant lamp that lights up the dining area). 

Style details

A sculptural chandelier.

Dramatic, imposing as well as striking: it’s perfect to emphasise the dining area as well as adding sass to the entire living room.

White living room.

What’s the best way to emphasise the timeless elegant of the colour white? Pair it with pieces in graphite and shiny black details.

Sliding doors.

Similarly to dramatic stage doors, they blend transparency with a statement silhouette, for a sophisticated, contemporary effect.

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