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source: Molteni&C
| Designbest editorial staff


n the living room, subtle notes of colour, a few ethnic touches and two large sofas for you to sink in. The colour blue highlights the relaxed feel of this space; be it the brush strokes which brighten up the coffee tables, the refined polka-dots on the iconic armchair by Gio Ponti, or the extra-comfy cushions which add something extra to the seating area. And here and there, wooden coffee tables which double up as occasional stools, inspired by far away countries. This living room becomes a real fantasy land.

Our must-haves

Twin sofas. With wide and deep seats for a streamlined effect. This is for a living room with a relaxed feel; a room which has a sense of organised chaos.


Chaise-longue This is the right piece you need to add character to your environment. It can either be a rendition of an iconic piece or a real vintage find from a flea-market. To keep up a modern and chic vibe, choose a simple yet refined design.


Coffee tables/glass cabinets. In the centre of the room, two low-level coffee tables with wide table tops. They can double up as glass cabinets to store all your little curious and magazines. In glass, open fronts so your room doesn't look too busy.


Our style notes

Ethnic inspired coffee tables. These jewels are, at the same time, a little bit stools and a little bit coffee tables, strictly all timber hand-crafted pieces. You only need a few pieces to bring back memories of faraway lands. And leave a few here and there; their apparent randomness will lighten up the feel of your living room.


Rattan carpets. Stagger them on top of each other, in different designs and lightweight cotton. They make the environment more intimate and informal, use more than two. Be careful not to go over the top and to “over-design”.
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