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Antrax, radiator Ti-Q

| Designbest editorial staff


Streamlined silhouettes, clean aesthetics and simple lines. In this living room, shapes and volumes are inspired by abstract painting, and a few wooden pieces break up an otherwise strikingly modern space. What’s more, two rectangular radiators with two-tone details complete the look and add a warm touch. And add a comfy sofa for a relaxed and cosy vibe.

Three pieces one style

Wall-mounted storage.

Wall-mounted storage adds an instant light and airy feel, as well as making the most of any available space. 

Designer radiator.

Designer radiators decorate like real works of art. Install two of them together – streamlined silhouette and contrasting colours – and they’ll steal the show.

Neutral tones.

Combine warm colours with natural tones for an overall cosy and welcoming feel.

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