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Ragno, collection Realstone_PietrAntica 

| Designbest editorial staff


he sinuous built-in sofa, the oversized wood and straw chair replacing the classic armchair, the ethnic-style coffee table and rustic touches of country architecture. This living room is a bright open space that mixes different styles in order to create a relaxing and enveloping family atmosphere. Even the porcelain stoneware flooring plays with special effects and imitates shades of stone and its natural irregularities, while the stairs go for a light design in wrought iron to add a contemporary touch; they end up becoming a small vertical a garden where one can hang some potted plants. Not much else is needed: with some pillows and candles we have the perfect representation of relaxation.

Style details

The wood furniture.

Rustic, artisanal and decidedly handmade. It takes just one or two pieces to give warmth to whole space.

The hanging plants.

In place of classic floor pots, experiment with hanging plants to attach to the railing for a scenic and light look.

The porcelain stoneware flooring.

Light and natural tones with effects that recall the texture of stone.  It is the perfect alternative to the “usual” terracotta flooring.

ph: collection Realstone_PietrAntica by Ragno

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