Moroso, Redondo collection

| Designbest editorial staff


ur on trend living room is a meeting point between East and West. Here, traditional seating talks to unique accessories from far away lands. Easy living, delicate hues, a touch of the exotic fills the air with vibrant energy. With what result? A highly individual metropolitan haven, a marriage made in heaven between city life and our “exotic” dream…


Our must-haves

Furniture: souvenirs. To put it simply, anything that comes from either a souq, ethnic market or the independent shop close to home. All your finds will have a distinctive exotic flavour.


Carpets. They have to be either in wool or cotton. They can even have a “western” feel but still have gentle nuances for an up-to-date batik look.


Wooden coffee tables. They are either small, low or even as high as to be used as a bookshelf. Strictly handmade and in hand carved wood.


Comfy seating. It doesn't matter if it's an armchair or a sofa, as long as it's deep and comfy. This is an invite to relax and meditate.


Our style notes

Earth tones. Ranging from muted shades like cream and light grey, to darker and more vibrant tones with a direct reference to earth and nature.


Basic furniture. Only a few minimal pieces. Function above all.



Metal details. Copper, steel, zinc, brass and silver. One key-piece or a sprinkling of small details (like a table in wire mesh). A single painting can also be used as an individual touch, reminding us of the craftsmanship of faraway lands.
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