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ofas, carpets, coffee tables and even table lamps: everything in this room screams total grey. This is the newest trend in interior design: „gentler“ than black, greay adds an intense urban vibe to any space. Grey interprets industrial style in a powerful way, while stealing its colour from cement and natural stone – here's a new seasonal trend. Accessories with a retro feel and pearly shades take centre stage and add warmth to our classy living room. Relaxation at its best.


Our must-haves


Modular sofas. Decisively minimalist. They reinterpret the idea of relaxation while still adding a sense of discretion.


Lamp. With its retro feel, you might think it was stolen or found in an old warehouse. The key word is „industrial“.


Low table. Geometrical, essential and close to the floor. Centrepiece of the room, it's the right piece for your down-time.


Rug. Whether it's in solid colour or decorated, choose it soft and wide, even woolly...and it will instantly add a welcoming touch.


Our style notes


Geometric lines. Round edges, soft colours. Yet the space has clean cut lines for a minimal chic feel.


Mixing and matching various objects together An old grandpa's typewriter, an ottoman in exotic wood and an antique picture frame. These style touches warm up the space.


Grey tones. They are ultra chic but mix them carefully. Do you want to know a secret? Consider bright colours and pair them up with different surfaces and materials.
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