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Ligne Roset Prado 

| Designbest editorial staff


his living room brings on a relaxing time and informal sofas almost appear to be chasing each other in the space. Each corner is set up to encourage conversation, you can easily switch from small-talk to whispered secretes. Extra-large scatter cushions and bolsters, chosen to suit your personal taste, coffee tables, on which you can rest magazines and drinks, and lamps in a variety of different shapes and sizes. You can also decorate this room to suit your own personality, be it quiet or loud. These pointers reference traditional Scandinavian interiors: clean, simple, bright and informal...perfect for your lazy Sunday afternoons with family and friends. 

Our must-haves

Sofas with asymmetric backs.

Now, sofas can have large scatter cushions instead of conventional backs. And this exactly how you can set up a snug corner. 

Coffee tables with rounded corners.

Two, three or even four, as long as they are in different shapes and sizes. This how you can have many different focal points around the room. 

Our style notes

Floor lamp.

Be it egg-shaped or elongated, dot lamps in different shapes and sizes around the room. This is exactly how you can fashion interesting games of light and shadows. 

A neutral colour scheme.

These are the same colours used in simple and clean Scandinavian interiors: white, crème and beige. Add accents in black, black mats are perfect for this and yellow coffee tables. 

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