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Sofa Endor and armchair Le Midi by Désirée

| Designbest editorial staff


 sofa in pure-white and an armchair in blue; these are the only pieces you need to recall the chilled mood of holydays by the sea and feel snug. This will be true even in winter! Add a few Scandinavian touches, like a coffee table in light timber and an ultra-soft carpet in cream. And  your cosy corner will become the perfect haven, even in the coldest days.  


Our must-haves


A pure-white sofa.

Neutral colours are better suited for an all-year-round style. Then, if you pick a sofa with asymmetric armrests; this becomes the perfect piece for chilling on, alone or in company. 

An armchair with a footstool.

This armchair embraces you like a warm hug, this is a perpetual invite to relax. It’ll equally look good if placed at the centre of the room or in a corner.

Our style notes

A coffee-table with rounded corners.

This coffee-table is neither round or square, with light surface streaking: the style is that of Scandinavian countries, the feel is elegant with an informal touch.

Metal accents.

It clads table legs and the frame of the bookcase in the background. Metal gives the right tone to your home.

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