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Fap Ceramiche, collection Desert

| Designbest editorial staff


his living room combines a few eye-catching pieces with a neutral colour scheme. To get this look: crisp pure-white sofa and armchairs, in the same colour as the walls, exposed timber beams and curtains; two wooden coffee tables in the same dark shade as the leather cushions; a streamlined bookcase and a black lamp. And natural light filters through large windows and softens the scene. What’s more, follow our style pointers to avoid having a bland living room: go for cream and chocolate and a few ethnic-inspired pieces. We guarantee the overall mood will be one of sophistication, but with a casual feel. 



Three pieces one look

Ethnic carpet.

Stylized graphics inspired by Hindu tradition. Use it to mark-off seating space and brighten up a light floor.

Animal cushions.

An exotic touch, inspired by faraway lands. And if you go for a delicate shade it won’t clash with your neutral colour scheme.

Graphic curtains.

As an alternative to expected white curtains, go for a graphic ones, loosely inspired by the sixties; this adds a feeling of depth. And you can still play with your neutral colour scheme.

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