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Zanotta, armchair Magiolina - design Marco Zanuso  (ph: courtesy Salvioni Milano Durini)

| Designbest editorial staff


intage furniture is an unstoppable trend and design companies have been intelligently reissuing great generational classics of décor that have made, and continue to make, interior design history. Indeed, it just takes a few pieces from that golden age to create warm atmospheres with impeccable style.

This is the case with this elegant sitting room dedicated to listening to music. It is furnished with the first armchairs without a classic padded structure (1947) and a stereo radiophonograph (1965) that honors listening by making it visual through design. In the background there is a panoramic print of a work made by Carlo Stanga that transforms the wall into a view from a penthouse balcony downtown.

In order to create the music area, there is a delicate-toned geometric carpet with both a neutral and decisive look. And, with the seventies and eighties bookshelf and lamps, our modern vintage sitting room is complete.

Style details

The lounge armchair.

To lighten the mood, there is an armchair with a light structure despite its comfortable extra-large seat. With warm-toned upholstery it brings a relaxed and cheerful atmosphere into the home.

The vintage Hi-Fi system.

It’s the eyecatcher of the room. A theatrical look is guaranteed when this star is placed centerstage. It goes without saying it wouldn’t make sense if it did not work. Luckily, these historic sixties Hi-Fi pieces are once again in production.

The panoramic print.

The wall print, a drawing by Carlo Stanga, with a view overlooking Milan’s Piazza del Duomo has thousands of details to discover and transforms the perception of the indoors by expanding it towards infinity.

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