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Magis, Elysée bookcase - design Pierre Paulin

| Designbest editorial staff


ith a look that mixes Bauhaus touches to industrial details, soft forms without corners, and a natural atmosphere, this reading corner is a small, bright and relaxing haven—the perfect place to get lost in the pages of a book in total privacy. In the center of the space, an armchair with a high backrest and a matching footrest stands out—the perfect cocooning piece for reading and relaxing; meanwhile, the bookcase with u-shaped shelves reinterprets the classic wooden library by turning itself into a sculptural element that decorates the entire space. Nearby, there are plants and lots of light, which are reinforced in the evening with the circle lamp which makes minimalism its distinctive trait. So, there is nothing left to do but get comfortable and lost in the peace and quiet while we read our favorite novel.


Style details

The lounge armchair.

The contemporary alternative to the classic bergere armchair, it has slim legs, a cast-iron structure and ergonomic and enveloping seating.

The circle lamp.

Discrete and minimal, it plays with “empty” space to create a spectacular lampshade and adds that extra something to the space.

The wooden bookcase.

Modular, freely composable and in maple plywood, this bookcase allows you to create your own custom library without weighing down the space.

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