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Kartell, armchair Cara and sofa Betty

| Designbest editorial staff


wo red armchairs coupled with a carpet in vermillion: a few bold accents add visual interest as well as a vibrant feel to a living room in pure white. For an understated optical-effect, the other pieces of furniture and accessories are in white-and-black and combine different silhouettes to avoid resorting to an overused symmetrical aesthetic. The scheme’s overall elegance is dictated by several coffee tables that scattered here and there, contaminate the space with a diverse range of materials and textures. As a result, this living room has a distinctive modern aesthetic that adds vibrancy to an overall elegant scheme.

Style details

Red armchairs.

Centre stage, two armchairs add vibrancy to the overall optical aesthetic.

ph: armchair Cara by Kartell

Mismatched coffee tables.

Whether round, square, low or high, mismatched coffee tables in different shapes and materials, scattered around the sofa, create a contemporary feel.

ph: small table TipTop by Kartell

High pile carpet.

Soft, warm and velvety: this carpet creates additional warmth, perfect for a white living room and the upcoming winter.


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