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Refin, Giant collection

| Designbest editorial staff


t's great to snuggle up by the fireplace and lose yourself  in the pages of our favourite novel. Instead of referencing a traditional mountain lodge, this time we have decided to go for a living room with a metropolitan feel: the focal point of the entire scheme, the fireplace has an unconventional design as its suspended mid air. And beside it, we have an ottoman and a bookcase with a distinctly contemporary style that combine shades of grey with tweed and sharp geometric patterns. The whole room is lit up by the glossy wall-cladding, inspired by the aesthetic qualities of wood as well as creating visual continuity between the floor and the walls. The outcome is a glamorous, welcoming feel


Style details

A suspended fireplace.

Who said that a fireplace has to made of bricks must? This alternative is perfect for the people who are looking for a cutting-edge design (without rejecting tradition).

An ottoman in tweed.

Big and upholstered in tweed: this style is ideal for the upcoming winter, especially if you are looking to add a twist to your living room.

A wall-to-wall bookcase.

Streamlined, clean, sharp: this bookcase adds an elegant touch and isn’t overpowering. 

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