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Antrax IT

| Designbest editorial staff


he latest radiators are domestic sculptures that warm up the room in more ways than one. These real and true pieces of décor with full-bodied tones and innovative volumes become the stars of the domestic scene. In the living room, bathroom, bedroom or a corner, designer radiators steal the scene and (would you believe it?) dictate their style. Just choose a model with a contemporary aesthetic in order to change the entire room’s look.

With yellow and gray as suggested by the trends of Pantone 2021, this wall radiator plays with the pairing of the year and lights up the living room with bright strokes of color. Austere and unexpected, the Byobu model designed by Marc Sadler unites aesthetics and functionality while rotating and creating ever-changing designs.

Antrax, Byobu radiator


With smaller dimensions, curvaceous lines and high-performing heating, the Tubone radiator designed by Andrea Crosetta can be placed vertically or horizontally; and in addition to heating the bathroom, it acts as a towel rack and can turn into a comfortable bench. It is the perfect solution for the wellness space.

Antrax, Tubone radiator


With a pleated look, the Android radiator by Daniel Libeskind makes innovation and aesthetics its strengths. In a dynamic sequence of angles and lines obtained by folding a thin metal sheet, it creates an interplay of light and dark on the wall, providing the entire room with dynamism and allowing the lounge area to take on perfect metropolitan style.

Antrax, Android radiator



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