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Ambientha, Maka Jungle wallpaper

| Designbest editorial staff


ith earth tones, the exotic atmosphere of the savanna and the vibrant calm of African landscapes, everything feels like an adventure in this convivial lounge area, where two armchairs and a side table create a tiny, dreamlike setup. The materials and natural tones almost seem inspired by Nordic tranquility, but it is the wallpaper which steals the scene. With a raw and refined look, it fills the room with a bold and dreamy imagery. It instantly makes you want to sit down and relax, perhaps while lost in the pages of the book illuminated by the delicate floor lamp. However, the space also makes you want to go on a journey of the mind, on adventures and safaris to distant lands surrounded by the imaginative and majestic fauna that decorate the walls. With a few details and colors, it offers a dynamic and theatrical effect, creating the perfect summer lounge area.


Style details

The wallpaper.

Exotic, bold and discrete, this wallpaper transports us to the African wild and is able to perfectly unite charm and personality.

The mismatched armchairs.

Comforting, deep and with a Nordic feel perfectly fit for this “exotic” environment, you will never tire of these versatile pieces in your lounge area.

The floor lamp.

With a curved stem and plissé lampshade, this delicate and discrete lamp instantly creates an intimate atmosphere even when it is turned off.

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