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Unopiù, Set Deauville - design Meneghello and Paolelli

| Designbest editorial staff


n the living room, there’s an oversized freestanding sofa composed by monolithic blocks in white and blue that in addition, combined a simple aesthetic with large shapes. A sofa-chaise longue-ottoman hybrid, these large cushions transform into dynamic seating, completely devoted to laziness. Besides, from coffee tables that serve as trays too to woven screen, they are prepared for any type of conviviality. And as the reference to the Mediterranean is increasingly more apparent, this country living room embraces you with the same magic of a holiday setting, for a new contemporary interpretation of the Hellenic style.

Style details

A modular sofa.

A large island you assemble as you wish: these soft rectangles are a new seating concept.

ph: set Deauville by Unopiù

An interlocking table.

Perfectly inserted under the maxi ottoman, the coffee table is transformed into a custom-made tray, constantly within reach.

An iconic lamp.

A piece that played a crucial part in design history, such as the Arco lamp, adds the perfect stylish touch.

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