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Minotti, collection Indiana

| Designbest editorial staff


t one end, an outdoor living room with views over the surrounding landscape, and at the other, a fireplace for those chilly winter days. A truly multipurpose space, which goes from an outdoor living room to an intimate haven for cool autumn evenings. A living room such as this is perfect all-year-round: in summer, it’s an informal space, while in winter, it becomes a secluded garden. And what’s the trick? Sliding panels, which, however, don’t lose that sense of total freedom, just like being on a never-ending holiday.   

Three pieces one style

Egg lamp.

It’ll instantly fills the room with mood lighting, turning it into the ideal cosy corner. And it adds a touch of style, even when switched-off.

Sliding panels.

They set the scene and suit many different occasions, turning even the plainest of rooms into the ideal all-year-round space.

Mismatched coffee tables.

Clean-cut aesthetics and a variety of different sizes. Use two or more coffee-tables to set up a cosy social corner, the perfect space for cocktails with friends or snack-time with your kids.

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