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Moroso, sofa Chamfer - design Patricia Urquiola

| Designbest editorial staff


n the centre of the living room, a patchwork of carpets designs the relaxation area and the sofa, enveloping like a hug, opens up with a curve that is fully convivial. In a corner, yet ready to welcome us, there is a lounge chair with high backrest that with the vase with an exotic mood adds a touch of colour and holiday mood. In the middle, two metal tables in the same style as plate stands with lightweight, elegant shelves: between reassuring tones and hints of distant lands, everything is ready to redefine the canons of autumn idleness.

Style details


Overlaid carpets replace the standard rug: light mats in delicate tones and satin fur rugs with different motifs.

Round coffee tables.

Metal, with mesh legs and round tops. If you are looking for discreet and versatile tables, these are ideal.

The lounge chair.

Part chair and part chaise-longue, it is the most popular contemporary model. A hymn to relaxed comfort, but always with an eye to style.

photo: armchair Lilo by Moroso

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