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Zalf, collection Link System

| Designbest editorial staff


he wall-to-wall bookcase moves to the middle of your living room, forming the ideal surroundings for the conversational area. Open shelving lets light in from the window and creates an intimate and secluded environment, where clean design in pure-white prevails. This decor scheme is in true hygge style with two sofas with rounded silhouettes, the extra-large version of a conventional armchair, set on an ultra-soft carpet in neutral tones. The ambience of living room is both crisp and soothing, a modern take on traditional Scandinavian style.

Three pieces one style

Bookcase/ room divider.

This freestanding bookcase with clean aesthetics takes centre stage in the middle of the room. Practical and elegant. 

Cocoon-like armchairs.

Round, ultra-soft and cocoon-like. More intimate and welcoming than the standard sofa.

White lacquer.

White stands for balance, rest and order. And the total-white look is instantly more relaxing. 

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