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Palazzetti, fireplace Sunny Fire

| Designbest editorial staff


ight in the centre of the living room, a modern fireplace opens like a window and becomes the undisputed key player of the entire space, defining the ideal boundaries of the relaxation area. Recessed in the same white wall that doubles as a partition, the see-through screen turns the roaring ire into a precious jewel to be put on display at all times. How wonderful would it be to sink into the iconic chaise longue or snuggle up in a corner of the sofa to be captivated by the flames and be lulled by the heat. The clean shapes, the natural light, the fireplace design: they create harmony that feels like silence, rest and total well-being, while the wall-to-wall glazing offers us a breathtaking view of winter-time.

Three pieces one style

Freestanding fireplace.

It replaces a standard fireplace: modern, square, see-through and dramatic.

Iconic armchair.

An iconic design is always a great investment: because it has timeless appeal and adds character to your living room.

Marble coffee tables.

Elegant, a classic yet extremely current, marble is having a comeback. If used sparingly, marble can add aristocratic flair to your living room.

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