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B&B Italia, collection Ray

| Designbest editorial staff


his living room greets the arrival of autumn with large windows that look into the garden and comfortable furniture in soft colours. Tidy and welcoming, this living room is an ode to informal conviviality, ready to welcome all your friends with large seats and spacious coffee tables. Three sofas act as a frame for the conversational area, as well as a maxi-bench upholstered in Prince of Wales fabric and a leather armchair that leaves the study to join in the conversation. Around the room, complementary accessories rest on the coffee tables and the shelves, the mood is instantly more intimate and contemporary.

Style details

The maxi-bench.

Upholstered in Prince of Wales fabric (it’s made a comeback), it’s made of different footstools you move when need be. For a dynamic, modern living room.

Round coffee tables.

In different sizes, yet the same look: the coffee tables in marble and steel are the essence of contemporary elegance. 

The leather armchair.

Your study, leather armchair is equally suited for the living room. Go for a design icon for the perfect touch. 

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