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Knoll, Womb lounge chair - desing Eero Saarinen

| Designbest editorial staff


n enveloping lounge chair instantly makes you want to curl up. If it also gets matched to a small footrest and has a sinuous and delicate form, the call to idleness becomes irresistible. Basically, nothing more is needed: the armchair with its pouf next to the window offers us relaxing views of the passing seasons and a comforting vision onto tomorrow. Two differently-sized low tables host a sculptural lamp, which envelops us in strictly suffuse light, and some indispensable plants, which immediately call back to nature. And lastly, there is a carpet which is circular like the rest of the furniture, which seem to harmoniously dance in perpetual and imperceptible balance: flawless “choreography” for a domestic representation of a sense of calm.


Style details

The lounge chair.

Neither a simple chair nor an extra-large armchair, the perfect “middle ground” is this sinuous model with a matching footrest.

The iconic low table.

A reproduction of the classic 1950s Saarinen, this round table with a central stem is flawless in any context.

The sculptural lamp.

This discrete yet bold table model is all you need to give a touch of style to any lounge area.

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