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MCZ, Flow stove

| Designbest editorial staff


ith a “total black” look, sinuous lines, a slender body and a decisive presence, the classic furnace rejuvenates traditional aesthetics and becomes a modern and bold piece of furniture. It is perfect for a white living room that plays with optical elements and clean contemporary forms (iconic ones at times) where natural light is what especially creates the atmosphere. It is both sophisticated and reassuring due to the balancing effect of white and its signature details: the iconic armchair which offers us a perfect reading corner together with the adjustable lamp, and the fabric’s graphic design which gives movement to the space with just a few lines. And the furnace? It boldly warms up the space with a visible flame and monolithic elegance capable of catching looks even when it is off.

Style details

The “rounded” furnace.

Smoothed corners, a cylindrical form and bold and clean style. The old furnace becomes the super-contemporary highlight of the living room.

The iconic armchair.

Even if it is a bit off to the side, it immediately gets itself noticed. And when paired with a contemporary lamp, it instantly creates the perfect reading corner.

Black and white.

Optical style never goes out of fashion, but it’s best to not exaggerate. It just takes a few black accents in a white environment to provide the right look.

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