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Antrax, radiator Teso

| Designbest editorial staff


he Christmas spirit has started to fill the air, so we are ready to decorate our living room for Christmas. While the chaise longue and a many tea lights embrace us in front of the Christmas tree, radiators are used to decorated the walls and are dressed in festive colours: red, white and gold. Clean and simple, they take centre stage like modern paintings and we can hang stockings, decorations as well as presents on two golden bars. All is set for Father Christmas: the only thing left to do is wait for Father Christmas comfortably sitting in our cosy snug.

Three pieces one style

Chaise longue.

Clear invitation to relax and it has a timeless appeal, that will add a chic touch to any corner.


White chiseled candle sticks, glass jars or long tapers: as you well know, candles instantly create a magical ambience.

Sculptural radiator.

Clean and simple aesthetics yet full of character. It’s fitted with a golden bar that adds a touch of drama to the entire room.

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