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Moroso, collection Redondo - design Patricia Urquiola  (ph: courtesy Delight of Living)

| Designbest editorial staff


his modern, bright and lively sitting room reinterprets stylistic elements of the past with a distinct contemporary spirit. Thus, old capitonné padding becomes elegant in this white tufted material, while the opulence of antiquity gets reflected in the golden chair and in the pungent lime green of the armchair (with the pillow and pouf a bit left out). In the center the rounded low tables are attentively arranged with flowers, glasses and bonbons for the guests; while from behind, the contemporary artwork frames the scene with a hypnotic spiral that captures the attention and lends vibrancy to the entire room.

Style details

The tufted sofa.

The white sofa is a classic, but in this herringbone padded fabric it becomes even more enveloping and timeless.

The lime green armchair.

This shade of green isn’t for everyone, but just a touch of it is enough to give the room light and energy. 

The sculptural chair.

This sinuous, enveloping and spectacular golden armchair is the room’s highlight because it lends a touch of regal elegance.

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