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Alias, Trigono sofa - design Michele De Lucchi

| Designbest editorial staff


ith an imposing and unexpected structure, the sofa’s frame becomes the highlight of the living room and defines it with a bold graphical style. It’s no coincidence that everything nearby chooses sleek geometries, references to modern art, and earthy and discrete colors which warm up the atmosphere without stealing the scene. There is a decidedly metropolitan mood, but with a touch of Nordic style which favors light wood and a few linear volumes. There are two minimalist sofas with an inclined seat to add attitude and dynamism, two rounded low tables to slightly soften the rigor of the space, a concrete shelf which runs along the entire wall, and a carpet which recalls African motifs with the right contemporary touch. Surrounding the space, a few paintings and sculptures in earth tones finish off the scene and turn the living room into a stylish atelier.


Style details

The “triangular” sofa.

An important and well-evident structure is the highlight of these sofas which, with their inclined seating, give attitude and dynamism to the entire living room.

ph.: sofa Trigono by Alias

The round low tables.

Two various-sized tables which can be set up between two sofas or used separately are perfect for giving a more welcoming and “softer” touch to the living room.

The geometric carpet.

Brown and black, with a few bold lines and a vague African feel, this carpet is decidedly contemporary but is capable of evoking the magic of distant lands.

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