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Ragno, collection Ironstone

| Designbest editorial staff


he perfect team in an ode to relaxation, two armchairs mirror one another in front of a small round table in this living room. The pearl-gray tones recall the porcelain stoneware floor which brightens up the room with its iridescent texture. Comfort and elegance define this living room corner with its discrete tones and enchanting décor, giving it both sophistication and intimacy. The arc lamp draws a virtual frame in midair, giving it that final touch of style and confirming its design credentials.

Style details

The twin armchairs.

They create a small conversation corner while separated; when together they make for a chic and cozy loveseat.

The arc lamp.

The arc model evokes one the most classic icons of design and in this reinterpretation also gives the living room a distinctive touch style.

The porcelain stoneware floor.

In iridescent gray it creates a refined and contemporary metallic effect.

ph: collection Ironstone by Ragno

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