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Victoria + Albert Baths, bathtub Pescadero

| Designbest editorial staff


ur roof terrace surrounded by nature is a real oasis of calm, the perfect space for a freestanding bathtub. Without a doubt, a deep bathtub with a rounded silhouette is ideal for indulging in some me-time. And you can leave all your bath-time essentials like towels, soap and scented candles on the wooden footstool, while the leafy branches all around you offer the right amount of privacy. Nothing more is needed: nature and personal wellbeing perfectly complement each other.

Three pieces one style

Rounded bathtub.

A deep bathtub with a cocoon-like silhouette, a modern take on a vintage washtub. Perfect for enjoying the outdoors while keeping a certain degree of privacy. 

Stool/ coffee table.

This sculptural wooden footstool perfectly complements the natural surroundings, perfect for storing all your bath-time essentials. 

Timber detailing.

Decking, cladding and accessories, timber detailing enhances a feeling of relaxation. 

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