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Coro, sofa Clea

| Designbest editorial staff


small patio (or if failing that a corner of a roof terrace) and a cocoon-like sofa in a clean and simple line. Just the right combination for your new summer outdoor living room. There’s no denying the sofa takes centre stage: streamlined silhouette, upholstered in a ditzy print and in perfect boho-chic style if accessorized with boldly coloured cushions. And what about the total look? Lush plants in white ceramic vases and several wicker baskets. So, there’s nothing more to do but relax and dream of faraway lands.

Three pieces one style

Bold cushions.

Deliberately mismatched and casually thrown on the sofa (also on the floor), they add a much needed pop of colour. 

Painted aluminium.

Lightweight, durable, perfect for outdoors: it replaces timber and adds a modern twist.

Wicker baskets.

They instantly bring about the same magic of faraway lands (even if you’ve brought them from around the corner).

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