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Ethimo, collection Swing

| Designbest editorial staff


canopy swing seat, a slatted armchair and a side table to leave a drink and a book; this is all you need for your new outdoor living room. The canopy swing seat will shade you from the sun, creating a secluded spot, whereas the slatted armchair will be ideal for occasional guests. If you follow our guidelines, spending your afternoons by the pool, by yourself or in company, will be such a treat.

Three pieces one style

Red cushions.

Wood and pure-white linen is such a classic combination for garden furniture. So, if you add a splash of red your scheme instantly becomes sassy and modern.

Wooden slats.

Wood is always in style because it adds a touch of warmth, curved slats add a contemporary twist to the whole scheme.

Canopy swing.

A canopy seat in either tulle or linen turns the classic porch swing into a chic and refined piece. 

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