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Kettal, armchair Cala

| Designbest editorial staff


wooden deck which runs along the lakeshore, halfway between a porch and a terrace; this is perfect for a summertime outdoor living room. There’s ample space, lot’s of natural light and a breathtaking view: a pool of water surrounded by nature frames a refined contemporary living room. This is what we have: cocoon-like seating in pastel tones and accents in powder pink (bang on trend), lightweight mats and colourful cushions for a informal touch. An high-backed armchair in wicker takes centre stage: the ideal companion of summertime idleness. 

Three pieces one style 

High-backed armchair.

This regal-looking piece is a great alternative to a more conventional wicker armchair.

Powder pink.

This slightly romantic colour is really on trend: the right colour for summer.


A lightweight piece which adds an informal elegant touch, as well as defining a conversational area. So chic!

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