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Fermob, outdoor furniture Croisette and lamp Balad

| Designbest editorial staff


wo armchairs, a two-seater sofa, ice-cold drinks and lush greenery; this is what you need for your mini-outdoor living room. In the garden, on a roof-terrace or even on the tiniest of balconies, plants frame a secret little hiding place. And a coffee table with ice-cold drinks is ready to quench your guests’ thirst, while lanterns scattered here and there add an air of mystery. Is something missing? Add several mismatched scatter cushions. 

Three pieces one style


In glass, fabric or paper, lanterns add a truly magical feel. Dot them here and there around the garden, leave them on the ground or hang them off branches.


Mismatched cushions: vibrant geometric patterns are so now, pastel tones add a romantic feel and ethnic patterns are just right for a boho-chic vibe.

Drinks set.

A water filter pitcher for iced tea and lemonade; this is ideal to serve fresh and energizing drinks, like water with a scattering on mint leaves and lemon slices (super refreshing).

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