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Royal Botania, collection Mozaix - design Kris van Puyvelde 

| Designbest editorial staff


large chequerboard stage that runs along the entire length of the terrace, creates a functional conversation area. Your “tailor-made” convivial space is decorated with a combination of oversized, ultra-soft seating and tiny, bewitching accessories placed on the frame in mahogany. In addition, a floor-lamp perfectly complements the sofa corner, while beside the armrests, square tiles are transformed into coffee tables and shelves and here, a table lamp adds a stylish touch. In the centre, there are complementary wooden coffee tables and wooden pegs in different colours, an iron armchair with a sledge base and an ottoman for top-level comfort. A thin mat, coordinated with the sofa, adds the final touch and the living room with its metropolitan flavour acquires a totally relaxing mood.

Style details

An arch-shaped lamp.

Behind the sofa, attached to the platform, the floor lamp is understated, sinuous and chic.

Coffee tables with an inlay.

In a juxtaposition of solid shapes and voids, the chequer pattern of these wooden tables adds a modern, dynamic touch.

A rocking chair.

High backrest, sled base and a matching ottoman: for embracing comfort.

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