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Flexform, sofa Vulcano - design Antonio Citterio

| Designbest editorial staff


hether in your garden or on the terrace, an ergonomic sofa, covered in cushions, is perfect to enjoy the warm weather as it creates an informal, extremely comfy oasis. For the full look, add three wicker armchairs and several coffee tables and consequently, you are able to transform your outdoors into the perfect living room, to be enjoyed all day long. In the evening however, a floor lamp with a wicker lampshade, inspired by living room furniture, creates the perfect contrast between light and shadows. In addition, overlapping mats create additional warmth for an intimate and welcoming feel.

Style details

A wicker lampshade.

A lamp in pure white with a wicker lampshade is a contemporary reinterpretation of a traditional floor lamp.


A lot of colourful cushions (in soothing tones), in different sizes. Scatter them on the sofa to create a welcoming, nest-like feel.

Overlapping coffee tables.

In the centre, two coffee tables in different sizes represent a stylish addition.

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