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Lapalma, collection Plus - design Francesco Rota

| Designbest editorial staff


ith monolithic pieces of furniture that look like polished stones, this is a relaxing alternative for an open-air living space. The generously proportioned pouf takes its cue from organic forms and the sofa imitates its shape by playing with an asymmetric backrest and two-toned upholstery. In this way, the outdoor space instantly creates an informal and cozy atmosphere. Finishing off the décor, there is a low table and lamp that seem to have come from indoors to give it that final convivial touch.

Style details

The oversized pouf.

Almost like an island, with rounded corners and a large seat: the perfect piece for relaxing in complete freedom.

The low table.

Round, simple and with a white top, its simple style gives it unbeatable versatility.

The minimalist lamp.

Slender and right-angled, it seems like it was traced with a pencil and ruler, giving the entire space a contemporary and decisive touch.

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