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Paola Lenti, collection Ola

| Designbest editorial staff


ndigo is a colour that instantly brings to mind the relaxed summer vibe. In our new outdoor living room, under a luscious green porch, splashes of sky blue define floor, sofas and coffee table and turn the garden into a summery hideaway. Our outdoor living room has an informal vibe and its sparkling personality and bubbly character inspires that carefree idleness that can only be enjoyed in company. Light and colour release infectious energy and your afternoon break will have the same rejuvenating power of a Mediterranean holiday.   

Three pieces one style

Oversized mat.

An outdoor carpet defined the boundaries of the conversational area. Go for a bright colour however that evokes the sea and lights up the entire area.

Sky blue.

Indigo, light-blue, dark blue: detox with the colours of the sky and the sea.

Glass coffee table.

This coffee table in glass and slate tiles resembles a work of art. This sophisticated piece is great indoors too.


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