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Roda, collection Piper - design Rodolfo Dordoni

| Designbest editorial staff


n one hand the lightness of aluminium, with warm finishes and a lived in feel, on the other the very soft fabrics in the delicate tones cream and powder pink:  this way the living room with a striking “interior” mood, becomes the ideal furnishing to transform the patio (or garden corner) in the summer living room. Sofa, armchair, ottoman and coffee tables were meant to be outdoors but copy with such easy the indoor style that they can easily switch from one season to another and make the open-air environment even more welcoming. For an informal and loose relax, but always with class.

Three pieces one style

The powder pink ottoman.

A maxi ottoman in powder pink fabric is the essence of comfort without rules, but with an eye towards the most sophisticated style.

The glass coffee table.

Instead of the iron or wicker coffee tables, choose one like this, in the winter its perfect at the centre of the living room and in the summer adds a “domestic” touch to the garden’s furnishing.

The carpet.

A light mat is what’s necessary to define the lounging area and give a pleasant feeling of intimacy (even without walls).

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